Student-Athlete Profile: Abby Letts '17

Student-Athlete Profile: Abby Letts '17

Abby Letts takes advantage of the diverse opportunities offered by the Bi-Co.

A junior captain of the women's soccer team pursuing a Geology and Spanish double major at Bryn Mawr, along with an Environmental Studies minor at Haverford, Abby Letts illuminates the field and both the Haverford and Bryn Mawr campuses. She embodies the strength of the Bi-College relationship, and her commitment to community persists through her energies outside of the classroom.

Through the Customs program at Haverford, Abby has served as a Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF) and on the PAF Committee, and she will be an Honor Code Orienteer (HCO) next year. Abby manifests her passion for the environment with her participation on the Committee for Environmental Responsibility (CER) since sophomore year. They encourage environmental activism with events like Do It In The Dark, an energy saving competition between the dorms, and Abby is on a subcommittee working on bringing a bike share program to Haverford.

Abby went to the Bahamas during Spring Break with a group of geology students "to learn how to interpret ancient limestones as records of past environmental conditions and observe how marine organisms produce reefs and other types of carbonate mineral material," according to Professor Don Barber, who led the trip. The students snorkeled the cliffs, lagoons, and reefs of the island, hiked limestone dunes, climbed through limestone caves, and waded through lakes with algal rocks. Her favorite part of the trip was swimming with sea turtles while snorkeling and seeing two stingrays.

As an active student-athlete with diverse interests, Abby makes the most of the resources offered at both colleges.

Written by Skyler Ellenburg '18